Performance Management

Performance management is the cornerstone to developing an effective workforce.


A good performance management process will focus on the quality of discussions between managers and staff, and has many benefits for your organisation as a whole.  However, not all managers see it like that! Many see it as another HR job that takes valuable time away from their day job.



At its best, performance management is a way of:

  • Linking your business goals with the work of individual staff
  • Tackling poor performance
  • Identifying and developing talent
  • Linking pay and performance
  • Monitoring the investment made in your recruitment

Circle-HR can help by:

  • Designing the documentation
  • Clarifying the role of individual staff and the line managers in the process
  • Producing guidelines for staff and managers
  • Training staff and managers on the process
  • Implementation within the organisation – getting ‘buy-in’, design, communication, training, evaluation


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