HR Starter Pack

Circle HR have produced a package of HR support targeted specifically at businesses that currently have little or no HR provision within their business.


Whether you are a small company, start-up or have simply not known where to start with HR for your business, allow us to take that pressure away from you by providing you with the necessary paperwork and procedures to ensure that you are fully compliant with HR employment legislation.


This package has been designed to ensure that your business is legally compliant and is the minimum standard that your business needs to have in place to protect yourself against potential claims.


Businesses which employ 5 or more people are required, by Law, to have the following written documents:


  • A Disciplinary Policy
  • A Grievance Policy
  • A Health & Safety Policy


All employees should also receive a written statement of the particulars relating to their employment (i.e. an employment contract) within 8 weeks of their employment starting.


An Employee Handbook is a document which pulls together the above policies, and any others which a business introduces, and clearly outlines the foundations on which the employment relationship is built. If this document is given to every employee when they start work then you will be off to a good start!


By having clear HR practices in place, HR matters can be handled efficiently and effectively and your time will be released to focus on your core activities.


Businesses which buy the HR Starter Pack will receive:


  • An Employee Handbook containing the standard policies listed above, plus some additional key policies to help manage your employees more effectively
  • An Offer Letter Template and Statement of Employment Particulars Template
  • A pre-employment employee checklist
  • A free one hour consultation with an HR consultant


All of this for one single payment of £450


If you wish, you can then access further HR support and related services through one retainer service - but this is entirely optional.


If you wish to have the comfort of knowing you have HR specialists you can call on, then you could eiter opt for our retainer service or work with us on a " Pay as You Go" basis.

Either way, you pay for as much or as little support as you need.

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